Rare Merit
Table Beer | 3.3% ABV
Our table beer is a crisp, low-alcohol, everyday ale. With notes of lemon imparted by the yeast character, this beer is light in color and body.
Floral Print
seasonal release
Farmhouse Ale with Flowers | 4.5% ABV
This spring saison is floral, citrusy and spicy. It's dry-hopped with floral hops and a mixture of estate-grown and locally sourced calendula, dandelion and scented geranium.
Friend and Berry
seasonal release
Farmhouse Ale with Strawberries and Agarita Berries | 5.5% ABV
Bright, berry-forward ale featuring Texas strawberries and ranch-picked agarita berries. The beer was made in special collaboration with our friends at Austin Beerworks, whose berry-picking efforts shine through with each sip.
Farmhouse IPA | 6.0% ABV
Our IPA embraces its wild yeast character with a rustic mix of floral and spicy aromas complemented by a dry, grassy, and lightly hopped flavor.
Farmer's Delight
limited release
Farmhouse Ale with Grapefruit | 6.9% ABV
A hoppy farmhouse ale with grapefruit peel and all-American dry-hops--Centennial, Amarillo and Cascade. A delightful end to a hard day's work!
limited release
Farmhouse Beer with Rye Bread and Honey | 4.2% ABV
Honeycrumb is our take on a Kvass, a traditional Eastern European beverage made from rye bread. We sourced the bread from local baker Abby Love (L'Oven Bread) and added local Texas wildflower honey during fermentation. The result is crisp and dry, toasted bread-malt profile, light honey aroma and low bitterness.
Little Reward
limited release
Farmhouse Ale with Pretzels | 5.9% ABV
Inspired by a German festbier, Little Reward (translation of the Latin word 'pretiola' of which 'pretzel' was derived) is brewed with German heirloom malts and S. Baker Kitchen pretzels!
Farmhouse Amber | 6.3% ABV
Meaning "she" in Polish, Ona is named after Great Grandma Mary Pasternak, a hardworking immigrant from Poland who raised nine ornery children. With a malty, caramel body, the beer is completely dry with hints of cherry—a nod to those that Mary used to grow in her garden.
Sordid Nature
Dark Saison | 8.8% ABV
Our dark saison was brewed with all English malts to provide a rich body with subtle roast aroma and a warming finish.