Rare Merit
Table Beer | 3.3% ABV
Our table beer is a crisp, low-alcohol, everyday ale. With notes of lemon imparted by the yeast character, this beer is light in color and body.
Floral Print
Farmhouse Beer with Flowers | 4.5% ABV
This spring saison is floral, citrusy and spicy. It's dry-hopped with floral hops and a mixture of estate-grown and locally sourced calendula, dandelion and scented geranium.
Farmhouse IPA | 6.0% ABV
Our IPA embraces its wild yeast character with a rustic mix of floral and spicy aromas complemented by a dry, grassy, and lightly hopped flavor.
Farmhouse Amber | 6.3% ABV
Meaning "she" in Polish, Ona is named after Great Grandma Mary Pasternak, a hardworking immigrant from Poland who raised nine ornery children. With a malty, caramel body, the beer is completely dry with hints of cherry—a nod to those that Mary used to grow in her garden.
Sordid Nature
Dark Saison | 8.2% ABV
Our dark saison was brewed with all English malts to provide a rich body with subtle roast aroma and a warming finish.